@ $10.00 per person (min 40 Guests)
Our healthier buffet lets you savor the best receipes of local favorites.
At only $10.00 per head for a 9 course buffet from our delightful menu & 1 complementary drink
Complete table setting with table cloth, skirting, silk floral center piece, drinks dispenser cover,
food warmers and full set of disposable dining wares, serviettes, chilli & ketchup and garbage bags.
Transport Charge:
$40.00 per delivery
Optional Equipments Rental:
Stools @ $0.70/pc
Additional Table @ $5.00/pc (Disposable Table Top included)
Additional Table @ $7.00/pc (White Table Top Included)
Additional Table @ $10.00/pc (White Table Top & Skirting Included)
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Healthier Buffet Set B